Sliding Door on the CHEAP!

Introduction: Sliding Door on the CHEAP!

I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while now, and since the wife and I are in the process of getting our house ready to sell, and we had to replace the garage doors, I knew it was time to test this theory!!.

Looking for barn door hardware to make a slider like this can cost $100's sometimes at the edge of $1000. Which to me is completely INSANE, so here is how we got around that.

When the garage door guys took down our old rails I made them set aside some of the straight track and 4 of the rollers. These jewels will be the Savior of this project, not just to make the wife happy, but also the wallet. In the pictures you see a 32" solid core door which we got for FREE off craigslist, as well as the garage door rollers and rail from our old garage doors this cost us 1hour, and $2.56 in lag screws.

The first hurdle we had to over come was where we wanted to install the door, the drywall is hiding an I-beam, which means there was nothing to attach the rail to. We positioned the rail on the only place where we had a 2x4 to screw the rail directly to using 1.5" lag screws.

OF course this meant we would have to cut the door to fit where the rail needed to go. So after measuring everything 16 times because I am NO good at measuring and need to double check my panic enhanced "this is going on too easy as well as to quickly" feeling, and lopped 6" off the bottom of our door, put 4 1.5" screws in to hold the rollers to the top of the door, we also ran one 1.5" lag at either end for a door stop, to keep the roller wheels from running out either end and falling of the rail, and then set the door in the rail! DONE!!

We added a 2"X2" to the bottom (not in pics) to keep the door from swinging in and banging on the drywall when it rools back and forth. we made the 2"x2" one inch LONGER than we needed so it would stay off the wall even when shut.

Even if you had to buy everything from the hardware store it shouldn't cost more than $50.00 fo rthe hardware and whatever you can score the door for!



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cool idea. i have some antique barn door hardware i got at a farm auction to make a door on my pig barn, but i think i like your idea better. i have a lot of garage door hardware lying around, and it is in better shape.