Sling Shots and Amo!

Introduction: Sling Shots and Amo!

Have you ever had a sling shot that you just couldn't carry around with you?Well I know a way of making sling shots and amo that you can carry around in any sized pockets!

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Step 1: Getting Started.

To make this, you'll need...

6 paper clips (you only need three for the base of the sling shot)
3 rubber bands
and  some scissors

Step 2: Snip Snip!

First you need to cut the rubber bands in half.

Step 3: Bending

Carefully bend one of the paper clips into a C shape.

Step 4: Stringing

Get a rubber band and tie it on.Bend the ends down all the way so the strings cant get out.After that,you're done with the first sling shot!

Step 5: Sling Shot #2

Do the EXACT same thing you did to make the first sling shot except with a different  paper clip.After you do all of that,bend the base of the sling shot so it looks zig zagged.(see on picture 3)That's all you really do.I'd recommend this one because you have a better chance of shooting straight rather than it hitting the base.

Step 6: Sling Shot #3

Bend the third paper clip into a U shape.Then bend it into a V.

Step 7: Stringing (agian)

Tie the a rubber band onto the ends of the V.Just like on the C shaped one,bend the sides down so the strings wont come off.

Step 8: Amo

Bend  a paper clip back and forth for a long time until finally, they break apart.You can bend as many as you want.

Step 9: Done!

Ta Da!Now you have Three portable sling shots!Have fun!

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    This instructable is cool cheap and it really works! Great job to whoever did this.