Slingshot, Easy, High Power, PVC, W Type




Introduction: Slingshot, Easy, High Power, PVC, W Type

The inspiration for this Slingshot was JoergS instructable at
This Slingshot is easy for almost any one to make.
The only tools needed are some kind of saw to cut the PVC, a file to help round over the top edges of the pipes, a ruler and pencil and some fine grit sand paper.
A CAUTION,  this is not the intended use for PVC pipe.  I have not tested one of these to destruction to see how much pull one of these can take as a maximum.  You could use 1 inch pipe and fittings to make it stronger.

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Step 1: Matereals

These are the dimensions I used for my hand. Measure across the palm of your hand, if it is wider than four inches you will need to cut your handle and side pipes longer to fit your hand. Just cut the two side pipes 1.25 inches longer than the handle pipe.

17.5 inches of 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC cut as follows.
1-- 4 inch length
2-- 5.25 inch length
2-- 1.5 inch length

2-- 90 degree schedule 40 3/4 inch PVC elbows
1-- schedule 40 3/4 inch PVC  Tee

You will also need PVC cement.

All of this should cost about $7.00. Half of this is for the cement.
If you already have cement the cost should be around $3.50

There are many choices for the bands.  Most sporting good stores will have replacement bands for sling shots.
I use custom bands I cut from Thera-Bands. More on this in the last step.

Step 2: The Pieces.

Start by cutting the PVC pieces to the correct lengths.
The outer edge of the two side pipes must be rounded so there is no sharp edge to cut the bands when installed.
I also rounded the top edge of the center pipe, handle.
Use a file to round the edge and then sand smooth with some fine grit sand paper.
This is easier to do before it is all glued together.
The top of the tee where the handle is inserted can also be rounded, as well as the top edge of the elbows.
This is not necessary, but makes it look a little better if you decide to paint it.

Step 3: Glue It Together.

Start the assembly by gluing the two side pipes into the two elbows.
I used a paper towel to wipe of any excess glue as soon as the pieces were pushed together.
Be sure to not insert the rounded end into the elbows.
Also glue the handle into the tee.
Then glue a 1.5 inch piece of pipe into the other opening of each elbow.
The last step is to glue the elbow assemblies into the sides of the tees, being certain to line up the handle with the sides.
If you have never used PVC cement before, you only have a few seconds to adjust the pieces before it grabs and then will never be moved again. 
So if you do not get the alinement right, you will have to just start over with new pieces.
Let this set for an hour so the glue develops maximum strength before using.

It can now be painted if desired. Just about any spray paint would work, but there is a paint made just for plastic that would be the best. I just left mine white.

Step 4: Attatching the Bands

The bands I used are cut from Thera-Bands.  I got mine from
but there are a lot of other sources including Ebay.
There are many different thicknesses of the bands, the thicker, the stronger the pull.
The color of the band is different for each thickness.
I am using the black bands.  The bands are all the same width about 5.5 inches although advertised as 6 inches.
The only way to cut the bands is with a rotary cutter.
Scissors will leave jagged edges and the band will start to tear at these weak spots.
You can use a band that is all the same width, but a tapered band seams to work the best.
Some of the replacement slingshot bands that you can buy at sporting good stores are tapered.
Cut off a 10 inch length.
On one end make a mark 3.5 inches from one side and on the other end 3.5 inches from the other side.
Cut along the length from one mark to the other so you end up with two identical tapered pieces.
You can use different dimensions to get a lighter pull.
I measured the pull with these bands at about 14 lbs. You could double this by using two sets of bands.
Just cut two sets and lay one band on another before folding to attach.
All bands are attached the same way, so they go over the top of the pipe.
You will need a narrow piece of band or a regular wide rubber band cut so it is a long strip, not a loop, for each side.
Fold the wide end of the There-Band in half twice and lay it along the top of the pipe extending down from the top about an inch.
Wrap the rubber band around the pipe and band as tightly as possible.
Lay a pair of long nose pliers over the rubber band and wrap the last two wraps over them.
Force the pliers open enough to grab the end of the rubber band and pull it under the last two wraps.
This locks it in place. Do the same with the other side.
The pouch is usually made of a piece of soft leather with holes punched in the ends.
I used about  1 inch wide and three inches long and used a 1/4 inch hole punch to make a hole in each end.
To attache the pouch fold the band until it can be pushed through the hole in the pouch, about 1 inch.
Fold around the end of the pouch. Tie a piece of strong string tightly around the folded over band and trim any extra string.
If you use replacement slingshot bands they have the pouch already attached.

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    6 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    that design looks like you could hurt your self pretty good if you are not careful!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you are holding the handle as in the photo you can not hit your hand, unless you put something really big in the pouch. When you draw the pouch back, your arm holding the handle will be pulling down against the tension of the bands. When you release the pouch you arm will travel down a short distance adding to the built in clearance of 1.25 inches from the top of the handle to the center of the pouch.
    About the only way to get hurt is if a band breaks and smacks you in the face, or you get hit by a ricochet. Of course this is true of any high power sling shot.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I have not tried this but it looks to me that if your hand drawing the pouch back somehow ends up higher than the hand holding the slingshot you'd end up hitting your own hand. If so, I think that would smart something fierce.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    "I have not tried this " is the operative phrase there.
    Many have tried it, it works. With ANY slingshot there's a danger of hitting your hand, or the fork. I've been shooting slingshots for decades and it hasn't happened to me...yet.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The pull of the bands is always going to be toward the attachment point, not your hand. Holding the pouch above so that the angle of the band to the pipes is slightly greater than 90 degrees will actually increase the distance the pouch misses your hand slightly. If you were to tilt the handle away from you or hold the pouch at a low position GREATLY reducing the 90 degree angle, you could hit your hand, but you would have to put a lot of effort into doing this. With a 14 lb pull trying to hold the pouch either high or low would be rather difficult as the natural position is the 90 degree angle. To show this hold something such as a flashlight in your hand tightly, with your arm out straight to your side and then tilt it toward and away from you keeping your arm straight. You will feel the position with the least strain is about 90 degrees to you arm.
    Having said all this I am sure someone can figure out how to hurt them self with this. Some people should not be allowed to even use scissors.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    hitting your hand with this....
    would just be occupational hazard of being human.
    i might add a small leather flap for protection (just like in archery).
    if you're doing it correctly, no worries. if not.... NO! give me back the scissors!