Slip Bobber




Intro: Slip Bobber

Slip Bobber Fishing Rig

Supplies List:

Fishing Rod and Reel
Fishing Line
Slip Bobber
Bobber Stop
Sliding Bead
Led Weight

Step 1: Bobber Stop

Thread the line thru the bobber stop tube & slide the line to the desired depth.

Step 2: Pull Tube

Slid the bobber stop off of the tube & slide the tube down the line & discard tube.

Step 3: Tighten

Tighten the bobber stop by pulling the two loose ends.

Step 4: Trim

Trim excess bobber stop ends

Step 5: Plastic Bead

Slide plastic bead on to the line.

Step 6: Bobber

Slide the slip bobber on to the line & make sure it is upright

Step 7: Sinker

Attach sinker about a foot from the end of line.

Step 8: Hook

Tie the hook to the end of the line.

Step 9: Bait

Put desired bate on hook for fishing.
You are ready to fish.



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    lol i fish every weekend, never used one and have no idea what the application this serves or what is doing what?

    the bobber slides near the hook for a better cast and floats to a stop to determine leader length when deployed in water?