Slip-cover Pillow



This slip-covered pillow is a great and easy way to decorate a room, reading space or couch. A perfect mother-daughter weekend craft for beginners.

Step 1: Step One: Supplies

The supplies required are:

1. Pillow insert . Mine was a 16 square
2. Fabric. Length may vary depending on the pillow insert size.

Step 2: Step Two : Measure Pillow Insert and Cut Fabric.

Measure the length and width of your pillow.

The length of your fabric should be:
2 x length of pillow+seam allowance+ overlap(probably about 3-4 inches.)

The width of your fabric should be:
width of pillow+seam allowance

If you have a 16 by 16 pillow insert, then your width and length should look like this:

Width: 17"

Then cut your fabric.(Easy enough, right?)

Step 3: Step Three: Finish the Short Edges

Now take your piece of fabric and finish the short edges. You can finish it with a normal hem or serge it. I finished my edge with a quarter inch hem.

Step 4: Step Four: Create Pillow Case

Place fabric wrong side up and fold finished edges to where you want your overlap to be. I chose to overlap mine at the center. Measure to make sure that the finished size will fit your pillow. Sew along the open sides.

Step 5: Step Five: Turn Pillow Case Rightside Out, Insert Pillow

Turn the pillow case right side out and stuff in the pillow insert. You have now made a beautiful slipcover pillow!



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