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Introduction: Slouch Beanie From a Jumper

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That favourite jumper you have that you've loved for years, now has a hole in it..... don't throw it away, turn it into a beanie for a new lease on life!

Step 1: Set It Up

I went to a thrift store & bought a bunch of jumpers for 50 cents each, they were quite 'old fashioned' looking & I had decided that the 1980's could use a new look....

I bought some cotton thread (multiple colours) & a slightly thicker needle than standard as I was dealing with some thicker materials like wool.

Scissors are also handy.

Put a movie on in the background & you've got a relaxing activity for a rainy day :)

Step 2: Make It Happen

1. Cut across under each arm of the jumper & cut up along one of the side seams to end up with one long piece of material. Wrap around your head to measure (with the finished seam to the front of your head, then cut to desired length

2. Fold the piece vertically 3 times & cut a dome at the top end

3. Thread the needle with about an arms length of thread (doubled over), tie 2 or 3 knots in the very end of the thread to act as a stopper when you make your first stitch.

4. Fold the material so the outside is on the inside and make your first stitch. If you push the needle through, bring it back over & put it through again, you can then place the needle through the loop you've created before you tighten the loop. You'll get the hang of it.

5. Sew along the long edge seam, right up until you've sewed HALF of one of the domes together. Then place one piece of the un-stitched half together with the half of a dome from the piece next to it (see pics). Keep this up until you've finished sewing all piece together. You may need to get some more cotton, in which case just snip the cotton & tie it off, re-thread & start again at the same spot.

6. Once you're back at the middle of all of the domes, add a few supportive stitches to the middle to make sure the seam is nice & strong. Tie off the cotton, trim off the excess & turn it inside out..... wear it with pride :)

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