Slow Smoker

This is a variation of the A Maze N Smoker. I  built it larger and divided in two, so I can light one half of it if needed. Just a piece of stainless steel perforated sheet and some pop rivets. Three to four hours work and done!
The last photo is part of today's production, smoked salmon and cheese. The rest we ate... :)

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3 years ago

Small panned. Pan in large pan.. lottaz holes and saw a "door in all but the big pan. Start fire in small add chips to # (med .) Depending on depth of pans if you need: Two set ups?
Or how fast you can reload the /a land and or add to but it will reverse and go back towards center. (photos when I got it (almost) perfected??

P.S. USE STEEL NO COATINGS OR ALUMINUM (square cast iron= Too expensive and at high heat "drippage or cold/warm basting may crack/warp pans ( I tried with the cheapist hand sale CI~~it worked but not as good as plain steal >>plus drilling hole is a slow process and I think engineering the correct placement is needed) the C.I. is GREAT for consistency and high heat and good vent controling ???..

Tried your idea ( smaller version) but burned through and would stop without good stacking and vairiable ( temp needle chasing) vent monitoring. Perhaps a bigger and thicker scrap punch press spoilage/ recycling mark? ?

Thanks 4 the ideas!!!


3 years ago

I've made a 3 more akin to the the A Maze n Smokers, keeping to their 5"x8" size with a ^ shaped maze run, more to stop any material lighting across the maze. The material I used was drilled mild steel that looks like it would used for making oil filters. I don't use one as it was made of galvanised steel which I know gives off nasties. I also made a simple tube style smoker, also like what the same company produces out of the same material. I can't get Stainless Steel sheets, well not for free.. I use wood pellets which give a long (10Hrs) cool burn. The key for me is when lighting, I use a gas torch, keeping the lighter going for a full minute, if there is a flame still in 10 minutes blow it out and off you go. I use mine in an offset BBQ, where the firebox is to the side. So far have done bacon, ham and cheese.

Doing your own bacon is easy and well worth doing. Cheese keeps until it is eaten... If I can add images later I will

I will try to replicate your plans this weekend. But instead of having straight vertical division between rows, I am going to put an 'up-side V pattern' instead. ^. I think by doing it this way one could then use pellets, wood chips or saw dust of their choosing.

Thinking this design will provide more air flow around the wood and also help create a fire block protection between adjoining rows of wood.

Will keep you updated on final results.

Thanks and a great design you have there. I do like how you incorporated two separate burning runs.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I bought a SS perforated sheets in eBay:

I cut it to 7 x 9 "plus 1.5" more per side, so add 3 inches to the mentioned dimension.cut it and bent it in a vise with hammer forming a 1.5" border. Try to see the detail in the photo, I do not have assembly photos.Then I made strips with the rest of the sheet with 0.5" border to be able to pop rivet to the bottom of the "box".
One hole where the maze starts is used to light the smoker. It can be seen in second photo.

Please request any further detail, I would be pleased to answer or send more detailed photo.



I like what you did here. Did you also use SS rivets? Do you think the hole size plays a big role? Are you using dust & or pellets?
Thinking of building one myself. If I can get rivets and screen from same location. Else between the shipping materials and time it may not be worth it. Although I do l like the idea of the larger size. Any notes on the temperature inside the smoker, given the larger size?

Thanks again

Hi Orlando:
I did not use SS rivets, they are too hard for my riveting machine, so I used normal aluminum rivets. The hole for ignition is not at all important, I copied it from the original model. You can start burning the sawdust from the top, which is what I many times do. My hole is 1/2
I use sawdust and I believe the chips or pellets may not work.

It works really fine, never failed in the many times I've used it. The rivets are OK, as temperature does not rise much. Even it being larger than the model, the temperature inside my grill dies not rise (I have a thermometer in the lid and does not move) You only have to be careful no to place anything on top of the smoker on the grids of your grill, as some temperature rise there locally may melt your cheese or dry too much what you place there. See a new photo I just took last weekend, showing the cheese at the side of the smoker and not on top.


7 years ago on Introduction

A bit light on the INSTRUCT side, as I have no prior experience with the smoker you mention, and no clue how to use this if I made it. I do like smoked meats but will have to do further research to figure this out.

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Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

This is a DIY version of the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER, which I saw in the page:
I purechased in eBay a piece of SS mesh, as explained below, used some pop rivets to keep the pieces together, and that's it.
I place it inside my gas BBQ, with th elid closed to keep the smoke inside and in the grids of the BBQ I place my jerky, cheese, salmon, etc. Quite a lot of of food inside, as the smoke from this smoker lasts hours.
I have been smoking for more than 30 years an this has been the easiest and simpler and cheapest way to obtain great smoked food. It is cold long smoking too, so the food goes into the freezer later and lasts for months.
Good luck!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I believed it was an instructable, on how to build a cold and slow smoker, which is available on the market close to $50, and I could make one for ~$15. It even is larger and divided in two sections, so you can use one or two of them, depending on the smoking time you want.