This Instructable is for making a good slurpee (not a watery slushie).

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Step 1: Ingriedients


1 Spoon
2 cups (for a full cup)
1 can of any pop
2 cups full of fresh snow

Step 2: Mixing It

add your pop in a little bit at a time till all the white
snow it gon and drain extra pop.

Step 3: Enjoy =D

Hope this makes your day better

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    7 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Instead of soda you could take powdered drink mix that comes in the plastic container and mix it in with the snow. It's really yummy and it doesn't melt the snow.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea! Seems tasty & refreshing :-)

    And sometimes - if you are lucky enough - snow is already yellow and you don't have to add anything :-P

    3 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It must be possible to get hold of an old bar fridge and by adding an agitator (something to churn the mix) convert it to a slurpee / slushee machine.

    The trick to making these frozen drink delights is to not let the ice crystals join properly. If the water / confectionery mix is constantly stirred you get something similar to a slurpee.

    I dont believe I have adequate engineering skills to be the first instructabler to make it. I may give it a go some day if no one else does.

    Some experience with refrigeration would be handy no doubt.

    I dont believe you can turn fridges on to their side, maybe you can, but I doubt it.

    How ever you may be able to insert a deep tray halfway into the freezer compartment (after removing the door). Then add a water proof motorised Agitator (stirring device).

    some trial and error and you may be the most popular person in your street in summer lol.

    Its the australian Summer right now. Tomorrow We are expecting 42c (107.6F)

    The highest we can expect in our summers is approx 48 to 49 (118.4 to 120.2) we get one or two days like that every few years. Of course you have micro climates that can easily exceed that.

    So Slurpees are pretty popular in Au. However 7-11 dont operate in country towns here :( so I guess its a case of DIY.

    Any feedback, especially inks to a finished working project would soooooo appreciated! ;)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    does anyone have any tips on making an actual slushee machine, not one that uses ice/snow, but just the coke? I'm about to test some zip ties on a 190rpm motor placed in a cup in a freezer, and I want to know if its remotely possible.