Slushii on My Backpack

Introduction: Slushii on My Backpack

Hey Guys!, as I'm an EDM enthusiast & wanted to do something creative & cool, I thought of printing DJ Slushii's logo on my school bagpack using Heat Transfer method.

So, here's the description about how I did the whole thing

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Step 1: Materials Required

You'll be requiring

☺Iron (no steam action required)

☻Butter paper

☺Inkjet Printer

☻Heat Transfer paper (for Dark fabric), can buy Online.

☺A needle

Step 2: Printing & Cutting

☺Print the Logo on a A4 sized heat transfer paper.

☻ Cut out the logo carefully with a help of scissor

Step 3: Peeling

☺Using a needle carefully peel the upper printed coating from the transfer paper.

Step 4: Transfering

☺Stuff the bag with books so the area to be printed is plane.

☻Place the peeled coating on the bag.

☺place a butter paper on the logo and using an Iron press it slight hard for 20 sec.

☻peel off the butter paper & you are DONEEE!.

I'll be back soon with more Interesting things so stay tuned and be creative!!!




Step 5: Hear One of My Beats!

Here's the link to my new beat ... a chill type beat made by me on FL studio..

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