Small Aquaponics for Small Budget

Introduction: Small Aquaponics for Small Budget

About: Hi, I'm Austin I wrestle. I run a mini farm which contains chickens, hydroponics, aquaponics, and mushrooms

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Step 1: 1) Buy Your Supplies

First you need to get a few supplies: 1. Container that hold nuts or other items in ($1) 2. Gravel or aquaponic growing medium ($1) 3. Hydro/aquaponic pots (38 cents) 4. Bubbler for fish tank, I bought a 10-20 gallon one so I could do more. ($5-$20) 5. Drill bit for the size of your pot($0) mine was in a set I bought on sale a few years ago. 6. Of course... SEEDS!! ($1) 7. Fish($1) Total: about $10

Step 2: Cut Hole

Measure under the lip of your pot so it fits instead of slipping through. Cut the lid of the container. After that us a dremel or another bit to make a spot for your bubbling pipe to go into.

Step 3: Plant Plants

I planted a bunch of romaine lettuce and let them get about a week old in regular soil to get a good root system going.

Step 4: Plant You Plant in Medium

Open the medium up enough to get the root system as deep as possible

Step 5: Add Water and Fish

Get a gold fish or two to put in the water. Decorate if needed. Make sure the water covered the plants roots. P.s. you will need to feed the fish at least at first on a regular basis

Step 6: Stick Bubbler In

Stick the pipe threw the top cap and make sure it goes to the bottom.

Step 7: Getting BIGGERRR

If you choose to do this multiple times buy a bigger bubbler and run cross connectors all the way threw to all of them. You are limited on how many you do by the size bubbling system you have. I love mine and I have got two running right now and plan to make more.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Updates please
    Is the Fish alive ?
    Is the plant alive ?
    What you say pros and cons.