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About: I love to craft with items I can find around the house. It's fun to repurpose/ reuse stuff for crafting.

Easy to make!

I made a larger portfolio but also wanted to make a smaller one to hold Zentangle art or paper cutouts made on an Ellison Die Cut press.

These directions will also work for a large size poster board.

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Step 1: Supplies

Smaller poster board or large poster board

Thicker magazine pages, magazine covers, or thinner cardboard


Clear tape


optional: markers or other supplies to decorate
(Can also decorate before folding)

Hole punch


Thinner cardboard for liner for folder

Step 2: Fold

Fold poster board in half. If you decorated it be sure art is on the outside.

Fold magazine pages or covers accordion style, like you would fold a paper fan.

Step 3: Attatch a "fan" to Each Side With Staples. This Will Keep Your Art Inside.

Open the folded poster board and line fan up with sides of poster board. Staple so flat side of staple is on the outside.


Line fan up with other side and staple so flat side of staples are on the outside.

Step 4: Trim and Decorate

Trim fans even with poster board.

Place portfolio under heavy books if needed to flatten.

Optional: apply thin piece of tape to cover the bottom side of staples.

Optional: pinch it closed and do one punch with a hole punch near the top center of the poster board. Thread ribbon through and tie.

Step 5: Make It Stronger

Add a thin piece of folded cardboard to line the inside of your portfolio. Staple to poster board. Assemble using same process as with first portfolio.

Paper for fans was trimmed before it was folded and stapled to poster board.

Optional: Do not staple the inner liner to poster board so that it could be removable.

Step 6: Add Ribbon

I used a hole punch to put a hole near the top center on each side of the poster board. I avoided the inner liner- a little too thick for the hole punch.

Remember that I only stapled my cardboard liner on the sides, not the top. This leaves small pockets on the inside of your portfolio. You can tuck the ends of the ribbon inside the pockets when it is not tied.

Step 7: Other Ideas

Now I have a place for all my small paper crafts.

This would also be a perfect holder for holiday cards- the outside could be decorated with wrapping paper.

It could be an organizer for mail.

Add some tissue paper and it could hold a small gift.

I hope that you enjoy this craft.

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