Small Bags From Used Jeans




Introduction: Small Bags From Used Jeans

I make many things from used clothing. This is a small bag I made from discarded denim jeans.

Step 1: To Begin

Used jeans yield lots of basic items to make new things. Take the jeans completely apart. Don't just cut usable fabric, all parts are needed.

Step 2: Choosing the Shape and Fabric

Size matters only to you. Choose what size and shape you want and look at the fabric available to you. I want a bag that holds a phone and any incidental items. I chose a fabric piece with serged edges for the front and a plain piece for the back. I also chose to line the bag. Luckily these jeans were worn by a busy person who kept their hands out of their pockets so I can use the pocket fabric for the lining. I also like the Levi logo and will incorporate that. I know it won't show but I know it's there.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Bag

I used my phone as a size template. You choose what you want to carry and cut accordingly. I wanted to have a bottom section, not just a flat bag so I will cut the front or the back an inch or so longer. This will form the bottom at final assembly later. I wanted to use the serged edge so will piece my back section. To ensure the seam is strong I will back the seam - sewing the edge of each serged edge to sides of a ribbon. The ribbon is recycled from a gift I received for my birthday.

Step 4: Embellishments

On the back I am doing some top stitching using the gold colored thread from the inside legs of the jeans. It matches the serged center seam of the back. On the front I am placing a pocket made from the waistband. I cut two sections and joined them using my gift ribbon. I am making a flap out of a button fly for the pocket so my flask won't fall out. I attach the button section to the top of pocket and then attach that to the front piece. Then I attach the buttonhole section above the pocket on the front. I fringed the bottom edge of the buttonhole section.

Step 5: Lining

I wanted a lining so am using the jeans pocket lining. As a bonus I get the watch pocket so I can have an inner pocket for my bag. Match the lining, wrong sides together, to a front and back.

Step 6: Zipper

I am using the zippers left over from another recycled jeans project. My bag is too wide for one zipper so I will use two small ones (low rise jeans) that meet in the middle. Position the zippers face down on the right side of front and sew in place. Turn to inside, press flat and top stitch. Do the same to the other side.

Step 7: Sides

Sew the sides and bottom of lining together, right sides together. Sew the bottom seam of front and back, right sides together. Top stitch your seam for definition (or not). Top stitch your extra inch or so you left on the front or back to make the bottom. To finish the bottom pinch the ends and sew.

Step 8: Straps

I want a strap that goes on my wrist and a tab to hold when I pull the zipper. I made them out of the belt loops that I sewed together. Position them at the upper sides near the zipper, fold in the sides and sew down to the bottom.

Step 9: Mission Accomplished

All finished.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    can i use new jeans for this as well?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Of course. My goal was to reuse discards and preserve the interesting variations that preworn garments have. I also like that in some cases I know that a particular discoloration was from someone working on their roof or car. You may prefer a more pristine (but costly) material. I would suggest you wash the fabric a few times to remove sizing and excess dye.