Small Ball

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Intro: What Do You Need

Colors small ball capsule water paper towel

Step 1: How to Get the Colur and Shape

First make the ball capsule a spare then slowly fill all of the capsule if it takes 2 packets

Step 2: Step With Water

Fill up a cup with water that is large enough for dipping the capsule once the capsule is completely filled to the funnel base with the colored powder slowly submerge the capsule in the water.

Step 3: To Dry

Remove the capsule from the water after 10 minutes . DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE the capsule on a dry surface use paper towels . Wait 3 minutes for it to dry, before removing the ball from the capsule.
Have the ball sit out over night for best results and very good bounce.

Step 4:



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Are you making these out of colored instamorph? That's some pretty neat stuff, if that is in fact what you're using.