Small Bicycle Bag

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Practical and fun!
You just need to have a basic knowledge of sewing and that's it!

(note: I made the bicycle embroidery on my Singer Futura Embroidery Machine.I can custom make you if you want one =) )

1/2 yard fabric
2 pieces of velcro
And basic sewing supplies

If you're too lazy to make this bag, check out my etsy shop:

Step 1: Cut the Fabric

Cut 2 pieces of 11" (28 cm) by 9 1/2" (24 cm) fabric (seam allowance included)

If you're going to do embroidery, do it now!

Step 2: Cut the Flap

Cut the flap 3 1/2" long 11" wide (2 pieces)

*Sew the flap together, leaving one side open

Step 3: Place and Sew Velcro

Step 4: Attach the Flap

Attach the flap to the bag.
Then top stitch on the back

Step 5: Cut and Sew the Straps

*Cut 2 straps on fold 7"(18 cm)  long 3" (7,5 cm) wide

*Sew them close leaving a little bit of opening for flipping them

*Top stitch around after you flip them

Step 6: Sew Velcro on Straps

Step 7: Place and Sew the Straps On

Place the straps to the back of the bag and sew them.

(You can do this step right in the beginning, before sewing the bag together)

The best thing about using a striped fabric is that you can use the stripes as guidelines.



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