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Introduction: Small Booklet

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In this instructable I'll go over how to construct a little booklet, for notes, drawing, fun, etc.

Step 1: Paper

You can use any kind of paper you'd like. Here I've got some 8-1/2×14 printer paper, but standard printer paper should be fine to.

Depending on how patient you are there are two ways to fold the pages. You could fold each individual sheet in half and then stack them inside of each other. Doing it this way insures that each piece of paper develops a nice crease.

You could also just fold the whole stack of paper at once. The only issue with this is that the individual papers inside this stack don't crease as well. This will prevent the book from closing flatly.

Step 2:

Step 3: The Spine

Cool so now we have our folded stack.

Divide the length of the spine into 5 segments and mark it. Punch holes into the spine (a thumbtack works well for this).

With the wholes punched, measure a length of thread 4 times longer than the length of the spine. With this amount thread you should then double thread the needed (for added strength). I'm using blue thread here because that is what I had available. White thread would have been preferable.

Sew up the booklet's spine in a snaking- in out - pattern. You will most likely have excess thread. Try to tie of the knot on the out side of the booklet.

Step 4: Strength

I took a piece of construction paper to hide/protect the thread on the spine.

Cut it to length and the fold it around the booklet's spine. Give the construction paper a slight crease and then glue it onto the booklet's spine. To make sure you get a tight hold you should apply pressure evenly to the whole booklet. Here I'm using an encyclopedia to apply an even and firm pressure to the whole booklet.

Step 5: Evening the Edges

The edges of this booklet are uneven. To remedy this hold the book steady and carefully use a ruler and exacto knife to slice off the edge of each page. If this is done carefully and with patience you can get a uniform edge.

Step 6: And Done

There you have it. A small booklet. Decorate the cover and you're solid.



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