Small Box Made From Gallon Wood Paint Stirrers

Introduction: Small Box Made From Gallon Wood Paint Stirrers

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Small box made from gallon paint stirrers. Used a combination of the free ones from the paint dept and the 12 packs that are sold at Home Depot.
1. About 24 paint stirrers
Gallon Paint Stirrers
2. Wwood glue
3. Ruler or tape measure
4. Hacksaw

Step 1: Measure, Cut and Glue

1. Measure out 4 inch segments on the paint stirrers. there should be 3 segments per stirrer.
2. Saw the segments along the lines to create 3 pieces per segment.
3. Do this for each of the 24 paint stirrers.
4. You should have 72 segments. Please note you don't have to do all of them at once. You can do a few at a time.
5. Place 3 pieces together side by side
6. Glue 2 pieces on across the 3 base pieces
7. Connect the 2 pieces at 90 degrees to start building up the walls.
8. Continue building until all the pieces are used.

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