Small Catapult




Introduction: Small Catapult

This small catapult is about 5 cm x 10 cm and using 1 piece of rubberband.

It is functional, but I made it from scratch and for desktop display.

The wood I used is 0.5cm square rod.

The "pocket" is the cap from laser pointer.

The "wheel" is small chess.

The "wheel axis" is toothpick.

They are sticked together with hot glue.




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    4 Discussions

    Well this is a nice looking catapult! If you have any during construction pictures those world be lovely! What did you use for the "cup"?

    1 reply

    Sorry, that's all the photo I had taken.
    I use BB bullet or just a little bit eraser for the "cup".

    Nice Catapult...