Small Corner/End Table

Introduction: Small Corner/End Table

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This is a two shelf 3 leg table I built. I am going to put it next to my couch as an end table.

Basic Hand tools
Table saw
Pin nailer
Stain of your choice

3/4 x 2 strip of oak
5/8 plywood

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Step 1: Cutting Your Material

Ok you need to cut your legs at an 8 degree angle on the bottom and then cut your length at 27 1/2 inches

Then cut 2 squares. One 15 inches and one at 8 inches

Then mark the center of one side and use a straight edge to 2 corners making a triangle.

Then you come 2 1/2 inches on the small sides make a mark and square cut it. Then on the big tip just measure down to whatever looks ovoid and square cut it. I don't remember but my big point was cut down to. For your big shelf you add one inch on your square cuts.

Step 2: Making Your Notches

Ok your first shelf will be 7 inches from the feet and the second shelf is at your preference.

Mark your 7 inches then use a cut off of your 5/8 ply to mark the other side so you know how wide to run through your saw. Your going to cut each notch at 8 degrees also make sure your angles run the same as your legs.Then set up a jig to run through your saw. Then clean up your cuts with a file or whatever.

Step 3: Sand It

Your going to sand everything real nice before you assemble because it would be a pain to sand it assembled. Make sure you sand everything real smooth and round your corners giving it some character.

Step 4: Assembly

Out everything together. Make sure your odd end on your triangle shelves are facing the same way.

Center your edges in your grooves by putting a pencil tick on the centers of your grooves and shelf edges.

Tack it together with a pin nailer and look it over making sure it looks how you want it.

If your satisfied pin nail the heck out of it.
Pin nails will be fine since your weight is resting in your grooves on the legs.

Step 5: Stain It

This is self explanatory. Stain it with stain of your choice. Make it all nice and wiped down wait a while then clear coat it.

Thanks for listening. Feedback is nice

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Thank you for the nice words! And i almost made mine at 90 but I wanted a little more character than a flat table. But as you can see in the pic I'm a little bit off. That irritated me but it still turned out all right


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic job i will definitely have to make one! I`m just a beginner, but you`re steps are pretty rich in detail so I think i will be able to build this, keep making more Instructables!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job! Those angled joins are hard. I made a similar table but kept the joins at 90.

    Pentagon Table.JPGPentagon Table w statue.JPGDetail Pegged Joint.JPG