Small Crochet Heart Applique

Introduction: Small Crochet Heart Applique

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s definitely time to start working on some heart patterns. So I thought it would be fun to share some heart themed projects all along.

Crochet heart patterns are always a popular choice at Valentine's Day.Here am sharing the pattern for this Small Crochet Heart Applique. These are just about one inch in size.Crocheting hearts is so much fun to do. And you can use them in so many ways. These crochet heart appliques are perfect for embellishing anything. Use them on bags...just about on anything and they would look super cute.

Crochet hearts are also an easy to start project for beginners, and a perfect choice for Valentine.These would be great to add to any Valentine's Day gift.

Materials Used:-

  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook


Step 1:

Start with a Magic Circle.

Step 2:

Chain 3.

Step 3:

3 Treble Crochets.

Step 4:

3 Double Crochets.

Step 5:

Chain 1.

Step 6:

1 Treble Crochet.

Step 7:

Chain 1.This makes the tip of the heart.

Step 8:

Hereafter, we will be repeating the stitches backwards.3 Double Crochets.

Step 9:

3 Treble Crochets.

Step 10:

Chain 3.

Step 11:

To finish off, slip stitch in the magic ring.

Step 12:

Pull the yarn end tight to close the gap in the middle. Make sure to pull it tight.

Step 13:

Weave in the yarn ends.

Step 14:

And.....your super cute Small Heart applique is ready to be used.

Step 15:

Here is the easy reference to the pattern:-

  1. Start with a Magic Circle.
  2. Ch3
  3. 3TR
  4. 3 DC
  5. Ch1
  6. 1 TR
  7. Ch1
  8. 3DC
  9. 3 TR
  10. Ch3
  11. To finish off, slip stitch in the magic ring.
  12. Pull the yarn end tight to close the gap in the middle.
  13. Weave in the yarn ends.

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