Small DIY Burlap Tablecloth

Introduction: Small DIY Burlap Tablecloth

Making small table cloths out of burlap is actually quite simple and won't take you hours or even require a sewing machine (although having one would speed up the process quite a bit) Here is a quick look at what a table runner for your coffee table would look like. Of course, the size can be however big you want it to be, and you perhaps can even use the concept to make a small rug or placemat.

Supplies Needed:

Roll of burlap (enough yardage for the size you need)
White netting material
Your usual crafting tools

Inspiration came from Pinterest burlap tablecloth ideas.

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Step 1: Cut Out Your Rectangle/Square of Burlap

What you need to do here is to decide what exactly are you making your finished product for: is it for a small table, will it be a rug, will it be a place mat? Make sure to do your measuring first and then cut out that size from your burlap roll.

Here you also have to options. If you are worried about a frayed edge due to the cutting of the burlap (this can happen sometimes) - then this is where your white netting can come in handy. Prepare some netting to be one or two inches larger than the perimeter of the shape you have.

Step 2: Doing Your Edges

Glue will be required for this step. Put a little bit of glue on the edge of the netting, folding the two sides together while making sure they are both straight and securing them in the middle. The effect should be something like in the photo. This will making sewing the rest much easier.

Step 3: Final Step: Sewing

Notice that you could be finished with your project by the end of step 2. However, here is where you can add a little bit of design and is the part that takes up most of your time in completing the whole craft. Get your needle ready and sew along the edges in the middle of the netting.

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