Small Decoration Lamp From House Products

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This is my first Instructable So please dont mind any mistakes,
Things Needed
1:USB Charger or Any charger for Light Bulb
2:Any Good Bulb
3:A Sphere Paper Weight

Step 1: First We Need a USB Charger With 2 Wires Out

We need usb charger for the bulb to light it.

Step 2: Take a Cap of a Bottle and the Paper Weight

Take the Cap of bottle and make a hole in it so the bulb's wire pass through,Now attach the bulb to the wire and join the Paper weight to the cap with super glue,

Step 3: Attach the Wires of the Bulb to the Charger

Attach the wires of the bulb to the Charger and woala.I HAVE USED SOMETHING ELSE AS THE STAND OF THE PAPER WEIGHT.



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    It turned out really pretty and I gotta love making a multi tasker out of a paper weight. Thanks for sharing!