Small Game Trapping: Part 1

Introduction: Small Game Trapping: Part 1

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Many only buy rat traps to solve household pest problems, of which is does. However, it his far great power than just that. It can be used to trap small game, like, squirrels, chipmunks, small rabbits, small opossums, and most birds. It can also trap moles, shrews, weasels, small mink, bats, rats (duh!), and such alike in size. Rat Traps cost less than 2 dollars a piece, and they are much large and more powerful than a mouse trap. It is much like a body grip trap but on wood.

To learn how to use a rat trap right for small game and pest control watch the video above please!

Note: This is part one in this series. The Next is about adding teeth and spray painting the trap. On Instructables now!

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I staple the rat trap from below and it comes out right along the edge of the kill bar. I use rather large staples. You can also add staples by glueing them onto the board (it holds) , if you don't have a strong enough stapler to go through the wood.

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You need to show more detail on the staple thing,not sure how you have them secured or what kind you used.

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Awesome! I hope you cautch some stuff, if you do leave a comment and a pic of it if you like. We'll have part 2 done by next week.

My bad,sorry, just checked out your other vid and it answered all of my questions.I am making a few today to lower the population of tree rats in my garden.