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small generator 230 V using 2 spheres lighting 7 W bulb 230 V E 27 socket.

a sciencetoolbar project http://sciencetoolbar.com

Step 1: Materials and Operations

Materials :

1. 5 V dc motor inside electric cars

2. external battery 5.1 V

3. coil iron-less ( inside syncronous motor 230 V - A4 laminators and microwaves)

4. neodymium magnet sphere 26 mm

5. neodymium magnet sphere 10 mm

6. pot magnet threaded stem 13 mm

7. hdd motor bearing ( inside hdd motor ) + plastic

8. glue

9. plastic connector ( inside plastic car case )

10. 7 W led bulb (3 W - 9W ) 230 V E 27 + socket

11. wires

12. power switch

Operations :

remove the magnet from the metal case ( pot neodymium threaded stem 13 mm)

remove the iron-less coil from the syncronous motor

remove the bearing inside from the hdd motor

fix the screw pot metal case through the plastic connector connect the plastic connector to motor ax

fix the neodymium sphere to metal case between magnetic poles ( N and S )

connect the wires to the 5 V dc motor and to external battery through a power switch

use glue and a small plastic part to fix the hdd bearing inside the coil

fix the 10 mm diameter neodymium sphere on the bearing (inside coil ) between magnetic poles

use a small metal part to identify the poles.

a sciencetoolbar project http://sciencetoolbar.com



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