Small Hindu Temple




Recently I made a portable Hindu temple as a present for my mother. Something that is easy to carry it in a big suitcase.

Overall it took me around 2-3 weeks from gathering the wood from a local lumber store to finishing with the final coat.

I used my favorite American Cherry for the top and base of the temple.

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Step 1: Raw Materials

  • Crown Molding (American Cherry)
  • 4 ft of Cherry 1x6
  • Thin table legs
  • Finial 3-1/4'' x 1-1/2'' Birch Turned Finial
  • Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue
  • Sandpaper - 80,120, 220 and 400 grits
  • General Finishes Arm R Seal Top Coat (Semi Gloss)
  • Nails
  • Mitre saw

Step 2: Cutting the Crown Molding (build the Top of the Temple)

Cutting the crown molding was not only frustating but scary as well. Plan was to cut

  • 2 pieces of 1ft (front and back)
  • 2 pieces of 6 inches (sides)

Each piece needed 1 Outside Right and 1 Outside Left crown molding cuts

For Outside Right cut, I used mitre saw following settings:

  • Top against mitre fence
  • Right piece is keeper
  • Bevel Left at 33.9 deg
  • Mitre Right at 31.6 deg

For Outside Left cut,

  • Bottom against mitre fence
  • Right piece is keeper
  • Bevel Left at 33.9 deg
  • Mitre Left at 31.6 deg

Following website was very useful in guiding and understanding with crown molding angles

How to Cut Crown Molding using easy Templates

Step 3: Building the Temple Top

  • Glue the Crown Moldings
  • Attach a small piece of cherry board to fit the top
  • To fill the gaps between the edges, I prepared a mix of saw dust and glue and applied it with hand

Step 4:

Cut the legs to 1 ft each

Step 5: Basic Structure

  • Glue the legs and base boards
  • Glue and nail the top as well

Step 6: Sand and Finish It...

  1. Sand it with 80,120, 220 grit till smoothness desired
  2. Then apply General finishes Arm-R-Seal Semi Gloss coat
  3. Few hours later light sanding with 400 grit paper
  4. Repeat Step 2 and 3 multiple times

Step 7: Sun It Up

Glue the finials

Kept it in the sun as Cherry gets darker and richer with sunlight till the desired color

Step 8: Voila!

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    6 weeks ago

    Very Nice, can you share the link to the crown molding you used?


    1 year ago

    Great Tuturial. Cutting the crown moulding was probably the hardest part of the entire project but in the it came out well.


    1 year ago

    I like the way you used the existing shapes of the material to build something new.

    I've been wanting to make something like this for a while now, so I'll keep this instructable in mind when I get to it (so many nice projects to make and so little time...)

    1 reply

    That looks very nice. You should enter this into the wood working contest that is currently running.

    1 reply