Small Jewellery Kit Holder

Introduction: Small Jewellery Kit Holder

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To day I will be showing you how to make a small jewellery (making)kit holder!

This can be stored in small places and if you are in need of money and you are in a foreign country then you can make some jewellery to sell:D

Step 1: What You Need

You are going to need far more of the same things I have because I have used most and or all some of the things you need.

Any way you will need:

Small pliers

Araldite glue part A and B in 2 tubes

Jewellery wires(about 5)

Buttons(about 15)

A plastic glue spreader

Ring blanks(I didn't have any spear but about 5 of them)

Bobbie pin blanks(about 5 I only had 1 spear)

Beads(about 15 not to big though)

Bottle caps(2)

Jump rings(15-20)


Necklace chains(15-25)

Broach blanks(about 5 I only had 1 spear)

Dangling earring blanks(10)

Non dangling earring blanks(5)

Little resealable bags(6)

And a box big enough to hold your small pliers

Masking tape


Paper or note book


Other type of tape

Step 2: Putting Things in to Bags

So you are first going to have to decide what goes in to bags and what does not! I had my pliers, glue, bottle caps, spreader, pen, paper or book and I would of had the ring blanks(if I had any not used) not in a bag and every thing else in bags.

I put weirs and jump rings in the same bag, charms on their own, necklace chains on their own, beads and buttons together, bobby pins on their own and all earrings and the broaches together.

Now put them in to their bags and put some masking tape on each bag and wright the continence on the masking tape.

Step 3: Organizing the Box

If you have a magnetic box then you can put your bottle caps on the magnet, but if you don't then you can put them next to the pliers. After you put the pliers in then put the spreader on top then put the bags on top then the glue and next to the glue your small pen and the ring blanks can go down the sides of the bags.

Make sure that the box can close properly if not then you my need a bigger box!

Step 4: Paper or Book?

So you have a choice you can cut out similar sized pieces of paper just smaller than the inside of the lid and tape down each piece of paper on the in side of the lid on top of each other. Or you can roll up some tape place on the back of a note book and stick to the back of the box.

Step 5: DONE!!!

Now you can wright down stuff, make jewellery, sell it, and keep it in a small space!!!


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