Small Lego Fighter Jet

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This is my first instructable so please hit that favourite bouton and that follow button

Anyways this is a small Lego fighter jet thats pretty easy once you have memorised it.

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Step 1: Suplies

Step 2: Assemble

Step 3: Assemble

Step 4: Assemble

Step 5: Assemble

Step 6: Assemble

Step 7: Put In

Just slide the rocket trough the hole we just put in.

Step 8: Assemble

Step 9: Assemble

Step 10: Assemble

Step 11: Assemble

Step 12: Assemble

Step 13: Assemble

Step 14: Assemble

Step 15: Assemble

Next step is optional.

Step 16: Optional: Assemble

Step 17: Assemble

Put a Lego minifigure in.

Step 18: Done!

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