Small Lego Tower

Introduction: Small Lego Tower

I learned to do this as a small boy now I'm just a small boy that does it well.

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Step 1: Materials

- Common and random Lego

- Lego base plates

Step 2: The Foundation

- Place the Lego base plates

- Then build up one for the walls and the tower

- Colors Lego bricks are optional

Step 3: Build Up From the Foundation

- Build up higher for the tower

- Slap on a base plate once all sides of the tower have been built up

Step 4: Make the Walls

- Build up the walls one layer at a time

- Go 4 layers tall

- Leave a hole in the wall for the door

Step 5: Continue the Tower

- Build up from the Lego base plate

- Then put a different Lego base plate on the top

Step 6: Build the Top of the Tower

- 2x2 poll

- Flag is optional

- Enjoy it !!!!!

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