Small Paper Flower! SUPER SIMPLE AND QUICK!!

Introduction: Small Paper Flower! SUPER SIMPLE AND QUICK!!

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Hey friends! In this simple tutorial, I will be teaching you how to make this super simple and quick flower. It is so easy to make and uses only a few supplies that you probably have laying around. So let's get started!!!

Also, I have entered this instructable in the 2020 Paper Contest, so if you liked this tutorial, I would love if you would vote for me! Thanks!!


Patterned/Solid Paper or Cardstock
1inch Circle Punch or Quarter + Pen
Hot Glue Gun
Small Pearl

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Step 1:

1. Grab your 1inch circle Punch or Quarter, Pen, and Scissors
2. Trace your Quarter and Cut with Scissors or use your Circle Punch
3. Repeat this step until you have 6 circles
4. On five of the circles, cut a small slit a little less and halfway through the circles

Step 2:

1. Add a small amount of glue on one of the flaps on each circle
2. Wrap the other flap right on top of your hot glue dot
3. Continue until you finish all 5 circles

Step 3:

1. Put a small dot of hot glue on the edge of one of your cones and add another one on the edge
2. Repeat untill all 5 cones are glued together like in picture 4
3. Attach the flat circle on the bottom of your flower

Step 4:

1. Add a small dot of glue to the center of your flower
2. Attach your pearl

Step 5:

This is completely optional, but you could also cut out some leave shapes and attach them. And you are done!! :)

Step 6:

Keep making more flowers!! I made a few different paper flowers and made this beautiful decor for my room! I bought the "C" from Walmart, painted it with acrylic paint, and added my flowers! I absolutely love it!! I have entered this instructable in the Paper Contest, and I would really appreciate your vote. Thanks :)

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