Small Pet Hay Rack

Introduction: Small Pet Hay Rack

The hay rack is for your small pet, I am using this for my mini lop rabbit. This project is for a wire cage but my wire cage has a flat base so you don't have to be worried about the rabbit getting sore feet. So read all the steps first and then get started.

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Step 1: Get the Materials

So, you need these materials:

1. A plastic or cardboard jar.
( I used plastic, but best to used cardboard)
2. A cutting tool
3. String
4. Duct tape( Not in the picture)
5. Paper (Not in Picture)

Step 2: Wash the Container

Wash it well so that there will be no extra food in the container.

Step 3: Draw the Circle

Draw a circle with a permanent marker to where you want to cut the hole. This is where the hay will come out so the rabbit will eat the hay.

Step 4: Cut Out the Circle

Then cut the circle very carefully. If you are too young, ask for adult help.

Step 5: Make the Sides Smooth

I used duct tape to do this because my rabbit does not like biting and chewing anything. He does not even touch his chew toys, if you have a biter then be extra extra extra careful and think about if you are gonna give this.

Step 6: Then Design It

You can do what ever you want as long as it is animal friendly and Non- toxic to your pet.

Step 7: Then Add the Strings on Each Side So It Can Stay on the Wire Cage

Step 8: Then Give It to Your Rabbit

Caution: do not use any harmfully things to decorate your new Hay rack like markers, paint or any thing toxic to rabbits. I made the mistake of using markers so I just put duct tape over it so my rabbit will not eat it. If you use cardboard, you don't need to smooth out the edges so it is better to us the cardboard instead of plastic. Comment and like this please! Thanks! :)

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