Small Pool Filter Upgrade



Introduction: Small Pool Filter Upgrade

Problem: Small filter, Can't attach a vacuum.

Our boys are still small so for the past two summers we've bought small wading pools for them. Last years was an inflatable mess that the birds destroyed perching on the inflatable ring that held the pool up. But, it came with a decent little pump that was still in great shape. Into storage with it. Fast-forward to this year's pipe framed 10' diameter 30" deep pool. A big upgrade in durability. It even came with a basket strainer/filter thing like a real pool. The only problem with it was the tiny little filter and pump and a vacuum can't be attached to the "suck" side of the pump. So, how to marry last year's pump to this year's pool. The hoses couldn't directly attach so I looked at the old way the old pump fit to the bottom of the basket and found that it was in two sections so to create a passthrough I just had to unscrew the intake and output section from the motor. Here's how I did it...

Step 1: Remove Motor From the Old Pump.

These little pumps have four screws that hold the water "path" (the inlet and outlet) to the motor. Remove these screws and keep the gasket and the L. 

Step 2:

You'll need to "source" a sturdy piece of flat plastic to attach where the motor used to be. Mark and drill 4 small holes in your plastic and use 4 machine screws, 8 washers, and 4 nuts to fit it all together.

Step 3: Assemble the New System

Put the newly modified piece in place, attach one end of the hose to it and the other to the replacement pump. Then a hose runs from the pump to the port in the pool. Fill your pool to a level above the port and up to the basket inlet, prime the pump and let it FLOW. Tip: some new O rings at each hose connection could solve any water leakage you might have. 

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