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Most people find it hard to take a picture without shaking their hand as they take the picture.
This Instructable will show you how to make a Small Portable Camera Tripod that will allow you to take pictures without shaking!

Disclaimer: This stand will not hold up a camera and is just used to stop blurry pictures.

Step 1: Whats Needed

You will need:
5 chopsticks
a hopefully broken pencil
2 nuts, one big one small
and some fabric.

Step 2: First Step

Get the smaller nut and push onto the end of the chop stick about 5 cm down.
If needed, file the end of the chopstick so it fits.

Step 3: Second Step

Cut out about nine pieces of fabric about the size of the ones shown below.
These will be used to make a "hinge" in which the chopsticks can move.

Step 4: Third Step

Take the small nut off the chopstick and glue one piece of fabric on the three sides of the nut.
Then glue the ends of three chopsticks to each one.

Step 5: Fourth Step

Do the same on the big nut as done on the small one. Then get one of the chopsticks and Cut it into three equal parts. Glue these onto the ends of the material like step three.

Step 6: Fifth Step

Put a mark on the same place for all the hanging chopsticks.
Glue three other parts of fabric onto the marks facing inward.
They should be in the same place for all of them.

Step 7: Sixth Step

Push the small nut with all the chopsticks on it back on the centre stick.
Put the big nut with the small parts on the bottom so it can slide up the
centre stick. Then glue the ends of the small sticks onto the fabric on the
hanging chopsticks

Step 8: Seventh Step

Get the pencil. Check if it already fits into the screw at the bottom of the camera. If it fits, screw it in to make the spiral. If not, get a knife and use it to make the pencil smaller until it fits. When screwed in, it should have a spiral shape that screws into the bottom of the camera.

Step 9: Eighth Step

To make the pencil fit on the chopstick, cut the end off the pencil. When you have that, find a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the chopstick. Drill slowly and try not to destroy the pencil. Then push onto the stand.

Step 10: Ninth Step

You finished the very small, light and portable anti camera shaking fixer!
It also folds up!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea, but considering what you're writing about i'd try for better photos to show how to make it.

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