Small Slab Roller for Ceramics

Introduction: Small Slab Roller for Ceramics

This will show you how I made my little cheap and easy slab roller for use with slump molds to make bowls and dishes without a pottery wheel.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

1 piece 1/4" ply -3/4" wide by 20" long, 
1 piece 3/8" ply-3/4" wide by 20" long, 
1 piece 1/2" ply- 3/4' wide by 20" long, 
1 piece 1' ply - 20"x16" (for a baseboard) ,
1 piece of unprimed 100% cotton, heavy,  artist grade canvas. Primed canvas won't work!  , 
Rolling pin that is at least as wide as the baseboard. you can also use a length of 2" (closet hanger) dowel if you sand the heck out of it so that your clay does not have wood marks in it.,  
6- 1/2" #10 screws,  
Staple gun with 3/8" staples,  
The 1" ply can be bought as sub-flooring in a 4' x 4' sheet as most larger hardware stores.

Step 2: Assembly

 Wrap the base board int he canvas. Pulling it taut, staple it to the board on the back. If you have ever stretched canvas before, this should be familiar to you.
Pre-drill the 1/4' ply strip and allow counter sinks for the screws.
Screw the 1/4" ply to the outside edges of the base board, counter sinking the screws so that the pin will roll smoothly over the top.
The other 2 strips of ply can be nestled inside the 1/4" pieces for thicker slabs.
Wedge the clay on the board (works great as a wedging table, too) and flatten out with your hands, then roll it out. Should be nice, with uniform thickness. You can use a rib tool to smooth the canvas marks off your clay.

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    brilliant and simple solution.

    How can we add a little tray or clip on the sides to hold the other thickness strips? That would add even more to the fabulousness.

    Ooh, and a little trough at the top for my pin tool that it always disappearing under the edges of things.

    screw a little handle to the edge and it can hang of the wall out of the way when not being used.

    skeletal dropkick
    skeletal dropkick

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    great ideas! I don't have room to leave it out, so I never even thought about outfitting it with a bat-belt for the accouterments :) My pin tool keeps getting lost under things, too. I think it is the way of the pin tool.
    I just stack it, the extra strips and all my molds in a produce crate, it fits really well.