Small Slider Lid Box With Shelves

Introduction: Small Slider Lid Box With Shelves

About: hi, its zid, from kerala, India. i love the world of DIY-ers.. mostly work with electronics but recently i started using wood for my projects, for casing/housing mostly and I'm inlove ...

A small sliding lid box with 5 shelves to keep different small objects inside. I made it out of some wood and a hard thin bord that was lying around. Just made use of it. I built it to keep my electronic components like transistors,ic,LED, resistors etc. It's easy to organize these things if kept in different shelves.

Step 1: The Making

Cut and measure and ready the wood and thin board (if you use that board) in size you want

Step 2: Slider Creation

Make slider rail with chisel or blade, i used hacksaw

Use ruler to mark rail straight

Step 3: Shelves Alignment

Cut pieces of thin board for shelves after marking the rail for shelf boards to slide in

Step 4: Joining the Box

• Join the woods in the form of a box, i used small nails, you could use glue

• Slide in the shelves through the rail, you will have to sightly bend or cut edges of it to fit in.

• Make a slider lid for the size

• Make a small knob of wood to pull the lid out and glue it, also use another small piece of wood on the other end of lid for style.

That's it. xD now put those little stuffs of yours inside the box in different shelves organized.

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    3 years ago

    Quite Creative -- It gives me an idea that will solve a problem in a certain "spot" I have I want with some keys that most folks wouldn't even think of looking in for them. Sort of, a secret hideaway. You know too many put that extra key under a flower pot or a rock. That's too obvious. This item could become just a piece of the house trim, etc., almost invisible if trimmed right.

    I also see it as a great small project for kids to make that would perhaps give them a beginning in wood craft and doing things for themselves. The size is something they can handle. And the tools are such they wouldn't get serious injuries with guidance.