Small Space Living Herb/veg Garden

Introduction: Small Space Living Herb/veg Garden

Hi there I haven't took pictures of step by step because I have made this a while ago..

Great Space Saver!!!

you can even put them above each other if you want more plants..

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Step 1: Items

1) Length of semi round gutter pipe.

2) Two end caps for the gutter you bought.

3) hangers for the gutter you bought... there should be a hanger at least 500mm to 800mm apart.. ( It will help your pipe to be stronger and not open up with the weight.

4) Screws to mount bracket to wall and correct drill bit .

5) Drill and 5mm drill.

6) compos and sand mix to fill gutter pipe.

7) Small stones to cove a small layer in gutter .

8) Spirit level

9) Plants

Step 2: Look

This step is to measure the size of space you have to build it...

and also if you got all the correct tools and hardware

Step 3: Shopping

Get you right size gutter and parts to assemble part please see item list

Step 4: Assemble

I expect you guys know what you are doing so I'll explain short..

1) Mount gutter to wall and level a easy to reach height...

2) Drill 5mm hole every 1000mm to 1500mm apart at bottom of gutter to allow water to drain.

3) Add a small layer of small stones and then add you sand/soil mix to prefer height.

4) Plant Plants

5) If you see that water doesn't drain out quick enough add more holes at the bottom.

6) if the top of gutter looks like its opening/ stretching add more hangers.. most cases you wouldn't even have to mount the hangers simply installing them would help.

I was in a rush typing this out if you have some questions I will hell out..

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    This is a really nice design. If you are using all herbs that like shade you can even set up multiple trays vertically to maximize the space.