Small Space Needs Big Ideas

I have recently moved into a guest house that the living room is also the sleeping space, I had to make this move after becoming disabled in June 2011 and going from a very nice salary to surviving on disability income.  I spend most of my day in this small space that has an attached kitchen, bathroom and walk in closet.  I would like to have something that by day appears as a living space but can easily convert to a sleeping space at night. I would be so blessed to have help and would be deeply grateful. 

With humble gratitude,

Michael Garlington
USAF Veteran



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    1 year ago

    Here are some general ideas:
    * Use smaller furniture, like a smaller table.

    * Use vertical space: buy a shelf or dresser to store things. Floating shelves are especially can be out of the way of moving around the room, but they require more work to install.

    * Buy a bed frame and store rarely accessed things under the bed. The taller bed will also be more convenient to sit and get up from

    * Wall mirrors make the space appear larger.


    2 years ago

    I like browsing in the Workshop category. Also, if you query : convertible bed, you may find a project you like.
    I also have a small room, but lack power tools to make a desk, bed frame, etc. except for a drill. As it is now, I looked up Cardboard and found a lot of projects there.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    To give advice about how to arrange the space one would have to know what disablity you have (how hard is it for you to get around, your strength, your mobility.) and what activities do you want to do in that space. How much privacy do you need (do you have guest who need a space after hrs or who share the space with you. do you have children who need their own space? ) do you read or cook or colect tea sets? what is this are used for , what size is that walk in closet. do you walk or use a wheelchair. can you get every where or just parts of the house. I have been up for a while. so forgive the rambling. I have lived in small spaces with a disabled spouce, live in room mate and pets without having to give up our likes (cooking gaming pets ect) however if you are on instructables can you also build or have built for you ideas given if you like them.



    7 years ago on Introduction

    Heya Michael,
    Not sure if you are still looking for ideas but I was down a similar road once with the need to double duty my space and learned a few things. If you are limited in your movement most conversion style furniture will require modification to work for you not against you.
    I first built a loft overhead and put my desk below which sucked making the bed and lasted all of 3 months. Then filled the room with a large bed and during the day called it a couch and last and not very happily last the futon.
    I don't recommend futons to anyone esp someone with limited range of motion. I don't recommend skimping on your bed either though because it will make you feel lost for home and a "cozy" feeling. I came across the approach of treating small space as a hotel does and in a small room add a pseudo separate area with a chair and ottoman if that will work for your situation. Add a small table/tray and a lamp on that side. I would also advise you paint the room and cheery manly color like that one shade of yellow that isn't fruity and find some floor to ceiling curtains and hang the curtain rod almost to the ceiling. When a curtain frames a small window in a small room there is a small feeling but when you extend the length up you get a large feeling. Don't use florescent lighting bc it always makes things look cold and hospital like and find a good feeling in your space so you can use it to move on to something more your size.
    That's just my thoughts on it tho. Also, craigslist free and not free and local garage sales or if you need delivery you would be surprised how cheap some things sell on ebay if you catch them at the right time. OK, I am blabbing now.
    Good luck.