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Introduction: Small Storage Solution

My wife convinced me I should post this....  so here it goes.  

After the holidays this year we had many small amounts of this and that that needed stored, Easy-Bake Oven ingredients, Makit & Bakit Suncatchers crystals, etc.  Since there wasn't a good solution readily available I tried to come up with one.

If you have a FoodSaver (or similar food sealer) and snap seal bags (any size) you are in business.  Scissors and small funnel are also helpful.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Zipper seal plastic bags

Step 2: Measure

Decide what size storage bags you want and place bag on sealing strip.

Step 3: Seal

After you seal it make sure it cools for a few seconds before you peal it off the sealing strip.

Step 4: Cut

You can either leave it as a multiple compartment bag or carefully cut it into smaller individual bags.

Step 5: Fill the Bags

For smaller items you might want to use a funnel.

Step 6: Many Uses...

Snack bags can be used for tiny things.  Gallon size bags can be used to make pencil bags, travel bags for plasticware, etc.

Good luck!



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    I wish that I came across this instructable a long time ago since I've got one of these heat sealers sitting in my storage rooms just collecting dust! Haha! I should think that my family would be very happy to know that now they don't need to run out of the house every time they don't have the plastic bag at the right size!

    I wish I had known about this before I bought a box of craft bags at Jo-Ann Fabrics

    Oh my gosh!!!! This is the storage solution I have been looking for!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!!! You have saved my "crafting career" (my mom HATES how many tiny craft pieces I have laying around, and she wants to throw them out) not anymore!!!! Thank you!!! And thank your wife too. ;)

    I have always trusted Ziploc bags as they are one of the most practical storage solutions around. They are available in many sizes and this particular post of yours just made Ziploc bags available in even more sizes. Now I can store the tiniest object if I should ever need to. Sometimes, all we have to do is to think out of the box and use the things we already have right in front of our eyes instead of buying new things and spending even more money.

    great post, you can also get small pouches at cvs or use snack bags.

    That is really a smart and useful idea indeed! Thanks to your wife for convincing you to share it with us! So far, we have made use of small plastic or glass bottles to store the bits and pieces but they take up too much space on the cabinets and for those really little amounts, the bottles are way too huge for them. These tiny plastic storage bags really do the trick and their sizes can be gauged according to only the space that we need. I do not have a food sealer though. Perhaps it is time to get one for the long run.

    Muy buena idea, para guardar las resistencias separadas por valor, ni siquiera seria necesario recortar las bolsas, sol usar los separadores

    good idea, we can use the bags all together and have a kind of organizer

    I'm having one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments.

    Great idea, thanks.

    I remembered I have a vacuum sealer just need to find it......


    I never realized I could melt that kind of plastic with a gadget that lost it's appeal years ago and am glad I never got around to donating it.

    I can see myself making some custom bags that are the size of my TV controllers (to keep 'em from getting sticky) and look forward to finding other things that need custom sized bags...Purr-fect!!

    I've got a vacuum sealer but never got around to getting the bags for it so it has just been sitting. I've also be racking up an impressive collection of different size resealable bags I use for organization. It's a marriage made in heaven.

    Makes me want to go out and buy a vacuum sealer!