DIY Mini Picnic Spot!




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I just love making these... I used to make these for my friends and cousins when I was at school. In the last step you can see some pictures of another miniature scenario model, which I made for my younger sister. I was inspired to make another one for my youngest sister and she loves it.

Things you need to make a picnic spot-

1) Thermocol sheets ( for the base, background, house, tree...)
2) Poster colors, paint brush.
3) Blue polythene paper (for the river)
4) Wooden sticks (for the fences, bench, bridge)
5) colorful papers (for flowers, boat and others)
6) Small stones ( for realistic view!!!)
7) Scissors & anti-cutter.
7) and of course you need GLUE!!!
&) You can add anything you want....

Step 1: Base & Background

Cut 4 pieces of thermocol sheets as shown in the picture. You can paint them with poster colors. Put a blue polythene paper on the big sheet (it's the river). Stick the green ones on both sides of the big sheet (don't cover the blue polythene paper) & the last 1 on the back.

Step 2: Flower

Use bright colors for the flowers. The flowers should be about 1cm or 1.5cm (the smaller, the cuter!!!). You can use small sticks to make the stems. 

Step 3: Fence & Ladder

You need small sticks & glue to make the fence and the ladder. It's very simple. 

Step 4: Bike

I made the tires & the seat out of thermocol sheets and used small sticks for rest of the parts. Glue the 4 pieces of sticks & the seat as shown in the picture.

Step 5: The Bridge

Use small wooden sticks and thick paper to make the bridge. make sure the width of the paper is 1cm less than the sticks length & the papers length is 3-4cm more than the rivers width( so that you can bend it). Glue all the sticks on the paper and place the bridge over the river as shown in the picture.

Step 6: The Boat

I used yellow paper to make the boat. You can put an origami boat if you want, would be easier.

Step 7: Tiny People!

Use thick paper to make tiny people. Cut them in any shape you want, stick thread around the head as hair, draw the face (draw a happy face! :) ) & put some clothes on... 

Step 8: Tiny Fruits!

I used the small (round) pieces of thermocol sheet to make tiny fruits & tablet packages to make tiny bowls.

Step 9: Bench

Used small sticks to make the bench & the place with a hanging ladder.

Step 10: Bushes & Tree

Cut small pieces of thermocol sheet to make bushes & tree. I used a small tree branch & glued some small thermocol pieces to make the tree.

Step 11: Clouds

Again, use small thermocol pieces to make the clouds. They really look fluffy!!!

Done! add anything you want... <3 small ville.

Step 12: Inspiration

I made this miniature scenario when I was at school. I decided to make another one for my youngest sister.



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