Multi-bit Screwdriver From PVC Pipe

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Multi-bit,screwdriver made from PVC pipe, pipe clamp, bit holder

1. Half inch PVC pipe, cut to about six inches
2. Metal screw pipe clamp, 1.25 inch, #12
3. Bit holder
4. Flathead screwdriver

5. Rubber band

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Step 1: Slide Clamp Over Pipe

1. Open pipe clamp until it is about 1 inch wide
2. Pass the clamp over then of the PVC pipe

Step 2: Insert Bit Holder

1. Insert bit holder between the clamp and PVC pipe
2. Try to insert it on the opposite side of the screw
3. Tape the bit holder down to keep it in place.

Step 3: Screw Clamp to TIghten

1. Using the flathead screwdriver, screw the clamp to start to tighten it.
2. Continue to tighten the clamp around the bit holder until it cannot move.
3. Remove the bit from the 6-in-1 screwdriver and use the nut driver portion to make sure the clamp if very tight.
4. Wrap a rubber band around the end to hold down the end of the clamp that is loose.

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