Small Wooden Planter Box




Intro: Small Wooden Planter Box

Who needs to spend an arm and a leg to create a beautiful wooden planter box for your desk or wall? Not you! You can make your own and here is how.....

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this project all you need is some scrap wood (my favorite item for making instructabules), a plant (I got this one at Lowes for $2), and a hole saw drill bit.

Step 2: Wood Preparation

First cut the scrap wood that you have to fit your plant. I had a 4X4 piece of scrap Douglas Fur that I will be using for this project example.

Step 3: Sizing the Pot

Next Identify what size drill bit will be needed to fit your plant. In this example, a 2.5" drill bit was needed. I noticed that the drill bit would not drill down all the way though the wood. Because of this issue, I marked how far the drill bit could go and cut the wooden block in half; later to be put back together.

Step 4: Drill

Next I identified the center of the wooden pieces by drawing diagonal lines from both corners to create n "X". Then I started drilling.

Step 5: Clamp and Glue

After that I clamped and glued the two pieces together.

Step 6: Sand Wood

Then checked that the plant would for sure fit and then started to sand down the wood to make it nice and smooth.

Step 7: Stain

I used honey stain on the piece by applying the stain then wiping of any access with a rag.

Step 8: Enjoy!

After you let the stain dry, place your plant back in and enjoy!

I did not do it on this piece but I am currently creating another one with a key hole in the back so i can hang it on my wall and increase its versatility.

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