Small and Delicate Quilled Flowers




Introduction: Small and Delicate Quilled Flowers

About: I love paper! Since I was a kid, I've been making paper boats and flowers.. This love for paper has just escalated and branched out to other paper crafts! I also love working with clay and other materials - ba…

Learn how to make these cute and delicate colourful quilled flowers from scratch.. They're easy and oh so gorgeous!

Step 1: Click Here to Learn How to Make These Cute Flowers..

How To Make Small Paper Flower With Paper Strips | Quilling Made Easy

The next time you are left with those paper strips, use it for something more innovative. Today I'll show how to make small paper flower with paper strips. They're super addictive to make and a great way to decorate your space. Keep watching!

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Step 2: Some More Examples and Designs..

Here are some more ideas and designs.

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