Tiny K'NEX Pistol

Introduction: Tiny K'NEX Pistol

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a very tiny knex gun recommended for small knex builders

Step 1: Peaces You Need

peaces you need will need
  • 11 blue spacers
  • 1 gray spacer
  • 3 green rods
  • 5 yellow rods
  • 3 red rods
  • 1 y connector
  • 1 orange connector
  • 5 red connectors
  • 6 white connectors
  • 4 rubber bands
  • and 1 peace of tape

Step 2: The Ram

build the ram you need the tape.

Step 3: The Body

make the body :D

Step 4: The Handle

get the 5 yellow rods and place them on the body.

Step 5: The Trigger

before you put the trigger on make sure you put on 2 blue spacers on the side you put on the trigger and a blue and gray spacer on the other side then when you put the trigger on put on a red connector like so

Step 6: Put on the Ram and Rubber Bands

put on the ram first then put 2 rubbr bands around each red rod then put them on the ram.

Step 7: Last 5 Peaces

put on the last 5 peaces on the right this gun works best with white rods ENJOY :D



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    18 Discussions

    Erm, lol. Come on, man, take a look around before you post stuff like this. Then you would have realised that there are 100's of guns identical to this.

    3 replies

    pretty cool i put more bands on it and it shoots 50 feet! :D:D

    very thank you i like this gun

    Oh please when will the chaos end?! It's great you wanna contribute something but seriously I can't count how many guns are "small but powerful" It doesn't matter because we don't like them in the first place. Please try making something y'know...innovative or at least worth building.

    2 replies

    Dude...sense when? If I remember correctly I talked to you only weeks ago and I don't remember any comment saying I was about to leave between then.

    it's okay but it's block trigger and there are sooooo many guns which claim to be small but strong. Sorry, I don't mean to be mean but we have so many guns like this.