Small Aquarium- Decorated With Animal Dolls and Mosaic




Introduction: Small Aquarium- Decorated With Animal Dolls and Mosaic

,Cheape and Simple idea for holiday gifts
Great gift for anyone who loves animals and nature lover!

Add a personal greeting to any aquarium, I chose this quote:

"Promise me one thing, Nils, always remember: the sky, the "earth, the lakes, the mountains were not given only to humans. They were also given to the animals: birds and fish and all who breathed his nose. Never forget it, Nils!"

(From the book "The Wonderful Adventures of little Nils holgerson and the wild geese")

Step 1: Drilling Vent Holes at the Top of the Jars

Step 2: Glue the Little Animals Dolls

Step 3: Painting the Covers and the Dolls in Gold

Step 4: Paste the Mosaic to Decorate the Jars

Step 5: Put One Goldfish in Every Aquarium

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    Really well done! It's also obvious that these are temporary for the fish and those guests who CHOOSE to take one would obviously set them up in something better. Besides, think of the conditions in the pet stores, these jars are heaven in comparison. Again, wonderfully done! Would be an awesome favor for a carnival themed party too!

    I know you got jumped a lot over this but these are wonderful little jars and if you really want to keep a fish in one make it a Betta they are very flexible fish and one to five gallons is plenty of space for them. Bu to improve on this just a tad (just for the fish aspect) you a use a external filtration system. That would mean making two of the holes in the top a tad bigger so you can put the tubes that cycle the water inside the jar, or put a hole in side of the jar itself and use a washer or animal safe glue to go around your intake tube. As for heating place a small temperature gauge out of the way so you wont have to mess up the looks. Depending on where you live and the temperature in your home you may have to get a small heater or you may be able to get buy with placing the jar in a window. If you do place it in a window you really need to place an item in the jar for the fish to hide but you'll still need to check the temperature very often due to the small side of the jar to make sure you don't cook your fish. With all this said their is one more option if you really really want to have a fish inside the jar their called Aquabot Robotic fish and that would make this a wonderful gift for anyone!! I will add a image for the little super fish.


    Use these jars for something else. Don't put fish in them. Do a little research into fish and you'll quickly find out why fish don't belong in a cup of water, no matter how small.

    for all those who complained about this project!

    These little jars can be used for many things beyond aquarium - The jars are for decoration only!

    Give someone a gift this fish can be a beautiful gift - and the jars are just a way to pass the gift - thefinal station of the fish must be aquarium and should not be the jar!

    I'm sorry I did not explain myself while publishing this project.

    for all animal lovers among us, I attached a picture as proof:

    Here the fish after transfer-

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    Sorry but fish CAN'T be a beautiful gift!!!
    A LIFE can't be a unexpected gift!
    Just tell me a thing: what do you expect from the people who receive this kind of "gift"??
    they will setup a aquarium? or will dump the fish trough the toilet?

    BTW, your aquarium does not match the minimum to accommodate 3 gold fishes.

    I'm not going to argue with you..

    You have the right to have a different opinion than mine

    BTW, 1 fish, 2 fish , 3 fish..NOT fishes.

    this is ace an just to let you know I have read your last comment as it appears others have not I'd do this as maybe a child's first pet :-) for a birthday simple an easy to look after thanks will defo do this gift idear

    This is creative, BUT I would definitely think about putting one of those little robotic fish in here rather than a live one. It is a common misconception that fish, especially Goldfish & Betta fish, can live in tiny environments like this. I only know that because my wife works at a pet store and has done lots of research on the topic. Other than that, this is a really cool project, though.

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    The only way I can see this is a good idea is if it's being used to give the fish as a gift and then it's transported to a larger enclosure later. This is nowhere near enough space for these fish.

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    Putting live fish in there is a dumb idea for many reasons. Other than that, nice job on the tops.

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    As others have said, not at all suitable for live fish, not even a Betta. And you should never gift someone a live animal.

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