Small, Block Trigger, K'nex Gun

This gun is small, but its pretty good with the right rubber band. Warning!! I am not held responsible for user stupidity. I thank KillerK for the barrel and handle design. the handle is hard to put together! so you can create you own if you like!

Step 1: The Handle

There are ten(10) red right angles on the two yellow rods with two blue spacers on the same ends of each rod. Invert the reds as you see.

Step 2: The "pull- Back"??? I Guess

this is the firing shaft with what I think, a comfortable grab. going out of the picture is a gray rod. this rod works best as it is the only one that goes through the gun. at the end of the middle orange connecting to the gray there is tape to strengthen the hold( suggested)

Step 3: An Extra Handle

this gives the user more stability. I have included multiple images for this as it is hard to tell. (OPEN FOR MODIFICATION) If you remove the center yellow, it allows for the user to grip the handle to his/her feel

Step 4: The Barrel

the number of reds in the big group:13. the way this is constructed(unintended), it holds the "bullet" inside the chamber so the user may point the gun downward.

Step 5: A Vid of Loading and Shooting It.

Step 6: A Secret to My Gun

if you see this bfore u build, u can replace the 2 blue spacers on the barrel for a silver big spacer, and put a joint piece on the green on the block trigger, and when you go to cock it, the block trigger will fall into place because of the force of the rubber band as the picture shows.( i squeezed a 2 prong in there bcuz i didnt wanna take it apart



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    Huh? did I just replied to that with "Are you serious!?" That comment was meant to be a reply to bartboys comment! There is something strange going around here...

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    could someone give me a reason why block triggers are apparently SO dumb? if headrocker wants to build something and post it then you shouldnt try to stop him.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    r u fricken kiding me? seriously look around first and dont post stuf like this its just geting anoying