Small Booklet.



Introduction: Small Booklet.

About: Waljoris. Dutch speaking Belgian. Artist, paper sculpture, paper cut, some drawing. Author of several books in several languages (non-fiction, board games, humor...). Used to perform humorous solo theater, ...

  This is the pattern, template. All dotted lines should be creased, all full lines should be cut.
  The back side of B is glued to the backside of 1. This then is glued to the backside of 2. A is sticking out right now. Further: backside of 3 to 4, 5 to 6 (it goes down now). Until 16. Then glue the backside of C to 18. Don't close 17 to 18 yet ! First fold the whole book together. Then take flap A, fold it around the backside of the book, which has now some thickness, and insert the rest of A in 17-18. Then close backside 17 to 18. Book is done !
  Some white glue could first be applied to the backside of the folds before inserting A in 17-18. But it is not really necessary. All the folds could be glued with a simple glue stick. It is even not necessary to glue the whole page, just a few strokes.
  It's clear that B and C are only there to reinforce the cover pages.
  There is another possibility with this template, even simpler: skip B and C, and insert A fully to 17-18. You then get a "star" with 9 sides. It can't be folded into a book any more, but it can be folded flat. Nice for taking notes, and then you hang it in the air.
  The squares are all 5 to 5 cm, so this template fits on a (European) A4. All pages are on one side too, ideal for photocopies. Certainly the "star" can also be made out of thick drawing paper for painted artist's books.

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