Small House, Tiny Closets: IKEA, Rescue Us!

Introduction: Small House, Tiny Closets: IKEA, Rescue Us!

Our house is a 1970s vintage building whimsically called a tri-level by its designers (read: One inconvenient ground-level entry, inconvenient stairs going up and down, with turns that aren't quite wide enough to move any furniture of substance in or out without bending). We think the architect was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright's, since there is very little provision for storage, despite being designed for a family of 3.6.

The big issue in our house? The closets. Four of them, 36" wide by 35" deep. One is for Mrs. M's clothing (and she's no clothes horse). One is our pantry in the lower level (no basement--another reason the architect should suffer for his sins). I actually use a separate dresser for my clothes. The other two are out-of-the-way drops.

So, if we won the $1000 IKEA prize, we would perform massive organizer implementation.

Let's be realistic here. I've read earlier entries, and we feel for those who have a true need to win this contest. Having said that, if we won, we would redo all the woefully inadequate closets in this place in IKEA's image, and hopefully find ourselves more organized.

Thanks for reading!

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