Small Portable Greenhouse




Have ever forgotten to water your plant and because of that it died? This will prevent such things from happening!

Step 1: History

Firstly, I will tell you about the history behind it. In the XVII century rich people wanted to have exotic plants. But they was a problem: they often died during the transport. But then, there was a guy, Nathaniel Ward. He had nothing to do wiht plants, he liked butterflies. He put baby butterflies in glass containers with the bottom filled with dirt. One of them was forgotten for few months. And in that time, a fern sprouted in the container! The water in dirt evaporated into the air, then changed back to water on the glass walls and came back to dirt. The plant never had too little water!

But not only plants that like water can be held in such containers. It depends on amout of water: a little of it and you can keep cacti inside. Some more and you can keep some flowers. Even mor and you can plant mangos, lemons and other exotic plants inside.

Step 2: Making It

You will just need quite big bottle (if it is being reused, it will be double green project!) of some kind and some dirt (and of course water). If you are putting water-liking plants inside, I recommend to use this to keep water inside:
You can put seedlings or seeds inside. And you don't have to put only one plant inside. You can make a little bottle-garden but remember - the plants you put inside together must need about the same amounts of water and light.

Step 3: Extra

This are the pictures of plants that havent sprouted yet.
The walls are not so clean because seeds need only water and heat to sprout. And water drops forming make dhem dirty again. So I will clean when they start sprouting - then they will need light as well.
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