Small Rack - Spice Holder




Using the wooden blades from your wooden window blinds you can make a stylish rack for small items e.g. spice bottles, sachets,etc

Step 1: Cut Wooden Blades

Decide the length of the rack you require and cut 3 blades of wood for the small single rack and 6 blades for the two tier rack. Sand the cut ends so they are smooth and beveled, this will help you when assembling the rack.

Step 2: 3D Printed End Brackets

Now to make the end brackets for the wooden blades to fit into. You will need a CAD program, like TinkerCAD to create the end brackets. Next to have these printed, either use your printer or a 3Dhubs printer near you.

If you have blind blades that are 3mm thick x 51mm wide then you can use my design (unmodified) or adapt it to your blade size.

Step 3: Assemble

The wooden blades will slot into the voids on the brackets. (This will take some force to insert them fully)

You now have a very nice fusion of plastic and wood creation that reused discarded wood product and costs very little to produce.



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