Small Three Legged Stool.

Life has a way of crowding out the things we like to do with other things we have to do. I have been enjoying my summer and it has been a while since I got a project and video out. I was watching Paul Sellers on youtube the other day and he was doing a demonstration on various techniques in the making of a simple small three legged stool. It looked like such a fun simple project. I escaped a few evenings into the shop to see what I could come up with. Some small pieces of maple I had left over and we were on our way. I glued up the legs out of 3/4 stock and glued up a panel for the top. Turned the legs on the lathe with a one inch tenon on the tops of the legs. All of this was done off of camera as I was not originally planning on making this a video for my channel. I consider this project a skill builder for me and I was just enjoying the process more than anything on this project. I hope there is something that you will take away and use in your projects in the future.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice stool! You make nice stuff.

    I'd love to see some of these things you've made written up in a step-by-step format, if you ever feel so inclined :)