Smaller KILLERK Knex Gun




Introduction: Smaller KILLERK Knex Gun

Shoots well.
Not a lot of pieces.
NOTE: you need 2 grey and one black, these are the long ones. The firing pin is black. Stronger.
I used a small part from KILLERK's gun, the rest is my idea, if your gun is similar, keep in mind I didn't get any ideas other than from KILLERK.

Step 1: Make the Handle.

Two yellow rods with red connecters on them.

Step 2: Make the Firing Pin.

A black rod (not in first picture) with 3 orange connecters on the back and 1 on the end.
You need to use black (stronger) unless you want it to shoot only 1 foot.
Put tape on the back to strengthen it.

Step 3: Make the Barrel.

Use the grey in the back to keep the handle from coming out.

Step 4: Insert Firing Pin.

Like in the picture.

Step 5: Add Rubber Bands.

The picture says it all.

Step 6: Fully Cocked.

Have fun.



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    44 Discussions

    i tried making a gun like this but it fell apart do you have any suggestions for a good gun?

    you copied my handle! i mad ethat handle! even though it isn't posted. i made up the handle even though you would have no way of knowing this because i didn't post it.

    even though it is a killerk copy it is very good, it shoots very well and it is a good design, i modded the handle because i dont have as many red pieces, but still this is the best modded killerk copy i have ever seen

    How do you get the piece were it holds the bullet in place and clips in.I cant find it?

    i always post instructabls but no one can use them because i don't know how to put pics on