Smaller Toolbox

Introduction: Smaller Toolbox

In this Instructable I'll be making a smaller toolbox for my dad.

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Step 1: Cutting Planks and Clamping

For this instructable I may not have made enough photos, so sorry if some of the steps are not too clear. It should be fairly easy though, all steps here are straight forward. Just measure your boards, cut them to length, lay them out, clamp them, drill pilot holes, unclamp them, add glue, clamp again and put screws in the pilot holes. And off course... drill a hole for the handle in the end sides and put a handle of some sort in. I ended up using a slightly thicker board, and using a jigsaw to cut out the hole/slot for it.

The idea for this toolbox was that it was smaller, lighter, and easier to manage for my dad than the previous, massive toolbox I made. It had to be wide enough to hold a 5l jerrycan and a few small tools. This meant I couldn't use dove tails because the boards were not wide enough... o well... less trouble I guess...

I got the inspiration for this toolbox from this instructable here. You can find the blog post about this piece on my site:

Step 2: Smoothing and Painting

I smoothed all the edges and put 2 layers of paint on. How you smooth it (jigsaw, router, belt sander, whatever sander) is not really that important. I had a new router, one of the really cheap ones, that I wanted to try out, so I used it to round of the edges. I used a belt sander (the small one) to smooth out the surface, and finished it off with a sanding sponge/block.

Fortunately for me, this one was a lot more useful for my dad :)

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